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High School of Dundee

“Through one of our established IT support partners we approached CablediT as we were looking to consolidate our network device and cabling closet within one of the school building with a view to saving money and time on ongoing maintenance costs.
CablediT helped us by providing a combination of interlinks and cable replacement/upgrades in order to consolidating 16 individual cabling closets and classrooms in to 2 central Comms rooms.
The result was an instant 50% reduction in the number of individual devices managed with the capacity to reduce this by another 25% next year.Where possible we also took the opportunity to upgrade existing cabling to classrooms.

With the school being a historical listed building we liked that CablediT had the experience and proof working within the constraints and challenges this poses.

We found the experience to be smooth and found that we could leave the team to conduct the work required without day to day supervision allowing us to conduct other projects around them.
I would recommend CablediT to organisation that are looking for any level of structured cabling and we would use them again in future work”.

James Salmond

ICT Infrastructure Engineer
High School of Dundee

Live Active

“During a time when we required a quick response due to an unforeseen issue Cabled IT were happy to jump in and provide a solution for us. They were very professional and friendly in their approach and worked well with other contractors on site at the time, completing the work as agreed. They have since completed further network cabling installations in other areas of our business which we are very happy with”.

Ian Tervit

Technical Service and Projects Manager
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